What is the paperless culture

What is the paperless culture?

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Companies are betting on the digitization of their processes. The purpose? To make each of their departments more efficient to achieve a paperless office. Discover what is the paperless culture and what benefits it has in the organizations.

Paperless in the workplace

Are we aware of the amount of paper we use every day? All the communications we make with both internal and external users require the signing of agreements, contracts, transactions, etc.

It is common to accumulate on our desk all the signed documentation. In addition, we allocate a large amount of resources such as printing, filing and destruction of papers.

So, how to achieve a paperless office? Why bet on a paperless culture?

The advantages of paperless offices

As we were saying, the paperless culture bets on the digitization of organizations. There are many reasons to bet on digital media, encouraging the reduction of paper use in our offices. Here are some of the advantages of the paperless culture:

  • Security and reliability. The digital storage allows us to have controlled all the information, knowing who and when accesses to the documents.
  • More productivity. Electronic document management speeds up the processes of consultation and information management.
  • Resource optimization. Digital storage avoids the costs of the traditional process: printing, mailing and paper destruction, among others.
  • Closing of negotiations. We can sign documents electronically from any location and mobile device, reducing the time to close deals.

Qué es la cultura paperless


How to save paper in the office?

The idea of getting paperless offices sounds good, but how do you do it? Here are the first steps a company should take to become a paperless office:

1.    Use of digital certificate

When a company starts to work through electronic means, it needs to operate with a digital certificate that credits it on the network and allows it to work with total security and peace of mind. In addition, it is convenient to centralize the certificates so that they are controlled, avoiding possible identity thefts or cyber attacks.

2.    Electronic signature

The electronic signature allows us to close contracts in just a few minutes. This is thanks to the mobility it offers, being able to sign at any time, place and mobile device. In addition, the documents are stored and protected in the cloud.

3.  Cloud storage

By storing and managing documents in the cloud, we have all the information organized and controlled in a single point. In addition, it improves the internal communication of the organization and increases productivity.

Your digital solutions with Ivnosys

At Ivnosys we provide our customers with innovative solutions that help them to digitize their businesses in a controlled and secure way. Among the services offered, we have our digital certificate centralization platform, our electronic signature tool and the electronic notification manager. Thanks to these solutions, together with our document manager, companies can say goodbye to paper and become paperless offices.

It is time to take advantage of the arrival of the paperless culture to adopt the digital tools that allow us to evolve towards paperless offices.



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