How to use the electronic signature securely

How can I use the electronic signature securely?

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Technology has completely impacted the transaction market. Any document can be signed electronically: contracts, sales agreements, etc. However, appropriate precautions must be taken to use the electronic signature securely.

The European Union, aware of the importance and proliferation of the use of electronic signature in the business world, has developed the eIDAS regulation. It governs the rules on electronic signatures and transactions..

Choose the signature method that best suits each transaction and sign your documents with total security.

There are different platforms that offer simple signature methods, in which you simply add a graphic mark similar to a handwritten signature on paper. However, this is a legally weak signature method.

The security of the electronic signature

Electronic signature is a set of electronic data that is associated with a digital document and that allows, among other things: to identify the signatory, to ensure the integrity of the document and to ensure non-repudiation.

The electronic signature is the best way to guarantee the authenticity of the signatory in each telematic transaction.

Many companies are betting on the digitization of processes, and this involves the implementation and use of electronic signatures in a secure way. Thus, there are tools on the market such as IvCert, a platform that offers the full range of types of electronic signatures, including qualified signatures through the use of certificates.

Under the principles of integrity, non-repudiation, authenticity and confidentiality, the electronic signature becomes the best ally to carry out any telematic procedure with total security.

Electronic signature platform

According to the eIDAS regulations, the qualified signature has a legal validity comparable to a paper-based signature and cannot be repudiated by the signatory. This is why lot of companies rely on this type of signature when using electronic signatures securely: they reduce the legal risks of signed contracts to a minimum and work with complete security and peace of mind.


IvCert is a cloud platform that allows the creation of signature circuits where the recipients are indicated, the document to be signed is attached and the type of signature required from each signatory is specified. The platform collects the status of sendings in real time, as well as electronic evidence. In addition, IvCert allows you to send directly from Outlook, speeding up this task as much as possible. Without any doubt, this is a way to use the electronic signature in a secure and uncomplicated way.

Our product is supported by Ivnosys as a provider of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of digital identity and electronic signature. In addition, we are a Qualified Trust Service Provider and Certification Authority, complying with the security standards set by eIDAS regulation.

Large companies have implemented the IvCert platform in their management systems.

Request your free IvCert demo and sign electronically your documents without compromising the security of your company.

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