Signaturit Group Quality Policy

Version: 01
Approver: Management Area
Date of approval: 23/05/2023

This Quality Policy belongs to the Signaturit Group made up of the companies Ivnosys Soluciones SLU and Signaturit Solutions SL, as part of their integration process, have decided to unify their management systems into a single integrated system in which the Signaturit Group declares its commitment to quality in the scope of its business activity.

The purpose of the Quality Management System Policy is to ensure the Signaturit Group’s ability to provide products and services that meet the requirements of its customers and other interested parties, increasing their satisfaction through quality and continuous improvement.

The Signaturit Group companies are dedicated to the design and development of solutions based on electronic signatures, digital certification and electronic identity, operating these solutions as a Qualified Trusted Electronic Service Provider.

Our services and solutions enable our clients to develop their digital transformation processes by securing their online identity and facilitating interaction with their end users.

It is especially important for us to help companies and self-employed persons with the legal obligation to interact electronically with public administrations and to be able to comply with all their legal obligations.

Vision and mission

Our vision of customer relations is to offer our software solutions in a way that is close to the customer’s business. For this reason, the Signaturit Group is always looking for synergies through partnership agreements with different types of development or business consulting companies.

With these alliances, the Signaturit Group achieves even more innovative solutions that offer direct and effective responses to large corporations and, by intelligently applying the cloud services model, we reach thousands of SMEs and freelancers at the same time.

In addition, we offer a complete solution for reliable e-services, making us, together with our partners, a single point of contact for this type of solution.

The Signaturit Group controls and monitors suppliers and collaborators involved in the provision of services to ensure compliance with the organisation’s standards and requirements in terms of quality, the environment, security and personal data protection. The result of this evaluation is provided on request.

Our vocation is to provide a reliable, safe and quality service and continuous improvement is a priority for us.

The Policy has been approved by the Signaturit Group’s Management, which is committed to integrating it into its day-to-day management activities, and to reviewing it annually and communicating it in order to ensure its suitability. The objectives established therein are:

  • Comply with legal, regulatory, customer, QMS and other requirements to which the Signaturit Group subscribes.
  • Plan, implement, maintain, review and continually improve the QMS to optimise its operation.
  • The correct communication and treatment of management incidents.
  • Involve employees through communication of the Policy and their understanding of it, encouraging participation, involvement and a sense of responsibility to comply with this Policy and its procedures as applicable to their job.


Our company policy, established around safety, quality and continuous improvement, affects us all and is based on the following values:

  • To ensure customer satisfaction with our services, through a policy aimed at reducing non-conformities.
  • Encourage the training and qualification of all our professionals. This is the only way we can comply with our management policy.
  • Implement, audit and certify our processes based on international standards of recognised prestige, such as ISO 22301, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.
  • Implementing, auditing and certifying our Information Systems based on the National Security Scheme (ENS), which, within the scope of the Spanish Electronic Administration, aims to establish the security policy for the use of electronic media, allowing adequate protection of information.
  • Audit our qualified trust services based on Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation) and applicable international standards through an accredited CAB (Conformity Assessment Body).
  • To guarantee the privacy and protection of personal data in accordance with current legislation.
  • To review and update our quality policy as the Signaturit Group, the market and legislation evolve.
  • Maintain our commitment to continuously improve the quality of our services, exceeding our expectations and those of our customers, ensuring business continuity at all times.
  • A clear commitment to ensure compliance with current regulations applicable to our services.
  • Protect information in terms of integrity, confidentiality, availability, authenticity and traceability.
  • Regular risk analysis of critical information systems and processes.
  • Incorporating good environmental practices in the development of our activity, collaborating with suppliers who ensure respect for the environment and raising awareness among our professionals so that they develop conduct in accordance with these commitments. Promoting responsible and sustainable consumption.
  • Carry out actions to protect the environment and comply with applicable environmental legislation.
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system, including commitments to environmental protection and pollution prevention.