Digitization in Human Resources, the onboarding process

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The Human Resources (HR) department of all types of organizations is the one that has experienced the most changes in the last year in terms of digitization. The processes of hiring new employees and labor procedures have taken a 180º turn, taking technology as a great ally. This traditional way of working, eminently face-to-face, has experienced a digital disruption that has changed both processes and roles.

Faced with this situation, HR professionals have sought alternatives to streamline and optimize the processes of hiring, signing, etc., relying on the online environment and digitization. Thus, the electronic signature has become the protagonist in the labor management of many talent and human capital departments of large, medium and small companies.

Advantages of the electronic signature and the digital certificate for talent management

  • The electronic signature allows speeding up hiring processes since the signing and sending of contracts can be done in just a few minutes at the click of a button.
  • Time optimization from anywhere, since the electronic signature provides the convenience of signing quickly from anywhere and from any mobile device.
  • Signed documents with full legal validity.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and commitment to the company.
  • Increased ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Improved relationships with suppliers and external company staff.

It is clear that the acceleration of this type of processes and management eliminates barriers and avoids duplication of tasks, providing greater productivity and time to the tasks that require more attention. In this way, the HR team can devote more time to those activities with greater added value, such as negotiating the terms of a contract, consolidating the company’s internal and external relations or drawing up internal strategic plans.

Digitization as a competitive advantage

Good organization and the smooth running of a company are essential for attracting and retaining human capital. A good reputation where the workers themselves become prescribers of our brand provides an incalculable added value for any company

Having these professionals in your team is synonymous of growth and innovation in the company, which translates into a great competitive advantage in today’s market.

Thus, having the right digital tools in the HR department that strengthen and enrich the onboarding process in a company becomes the best ally of the corporate business.

How the use of electronic signatures streamlines processes

If your company wants to be chosen as the best option where to work, the digitization of the HR department must be a fact. The use of the electronic signature and the digital certificate during the entire labor trajectory of your employees improves their experience in the company from minute 0:

  1. Hiring and incorporation
  2. Signing and consultation of payrolls.
  3. Processing of confidentiality agreements.
  4. Teleworking
  5. Management of leaves of absence (sickness, maternity/paternity, etc.).
  6. Signing of occupational risk prevention.
  7. Formalization of settlements, dismissals or resignations.

In short, digital solutions should become one of the best allies of your HR department not only for the agility it provides, but for security, cost reduction and respect for the environment by greatly reducing the use of paper.

At Ivnosys we offer all the services of electronic signature and centralization of digital certificates needed to help you in the transformation of the human capital management of your organization. Contact us and count on the support of a Certification Authority recognized by the eIDAS regulation and make the qualitative leap that your company needs through digitization.

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