The electronic signature is the master key to the 4.0 revolution

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The changes that have taken place have ushered in a new way of understanding industry: the fourth industrial revolution or revolution 4.0. This revolution is characterized by the speed, impact and scope of the new systems implemented in companies, which can now create intelligent networks along the entire value chain.

What are the advantages for my company?

As a result of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 is born, based on new systems that allow the automation of different processes and areas, merging digital processes and machinery through, for example, cloud computing or cloud services.

This combination facilitates widespread activities today such as remote working, information storage in the cloud and the optimization of business and industrial processes.

Now, thanks to applications, digital automation and management solutions and information and communication technologies (ICT), companies can jump on the bandwagon of the new industrial revolution to be able to continue competing in an increasingly qualified market.

Electronic signature and Industry 4.0

In the digital era and the paperless culture, it is important to have tools such as electronic signatures that replace the old traditional processes, such as handwritten signatures, but that maintain the capacity for authentication and verification of documents with the same legal and juridical validity, offering maximum guarantees in terms of security.

Now, more than ever, is the time for companies to protect their remote communications. For this reason, there are platforms specifically created to send, sign and manage sensitive documents electronically. IvCert is the electronic signature platform that makes it possible to obtain signed documents in just a few minutes and to know the status of shipments in real time.

On the other hand, with IvCert it is also possible to decide who, when and how to sign with full legal validity thanks to time stamping, and offering all the most secure types of electronic signature recognized by eIDAS (advanced signature, biometric, advanced OTP, simple, certified communication and qualified signature centralized in the cloud).

Faced with the fourth industrial revolution, it is essential that companies are prepared to make the jump to digital transformation and begin to adapt secure digital tools such as electronic signatures with the support of a Qualified Service Provider  endorsed by the eIDAS regulation. It’s time to protect your communications, contact us and join this technological convergence that is happening at full speed.

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