Digital certificate: the secret of market leading companies

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There are already many large companies that have invested in the digitization of their services by betting on the digital certificate, attracted by the opportunities it offers, but do you really know all the benefits that the use of digital certificate can provide to the company?

Main advantages of the digital certificate

The digital certificate has become a strategic asset of large companies. The reason for this new reality lies in the countless advantages that technology offers us today.

One of the main advantages offered and the most valued by the companies is the security shielding. The qualified digital certificate offers the highest security guarantees by equaling the handwritten signature. This tool is capable of generating a usage audit and has full legal validity in case of litigation.

Improving corporate reputation is another positive factor for companies. Nowadays, working with more sustainable digital solutions that move in paperless environments and that are effective and secure is synonymous of a safe option for potential customers, who are increasingly concerned about the security guarantees of their digital identity.

Working with a digital certificate provides a competitive advantage that gives a differential value over the competition and, normally, an increase in the customer base. The physical barriers have been eliminated thanks to the use of the digital certificate and this, together with a positive reputation, are two key elements for the choice of customers when trusting a new company regardless of their geolocation.

Another benefit is the centralization and optimization of processes that allows an improvement in productivity. Thanks to the centralization of digital certificates in the cloud, it is possible to keep a better control of their use from any place, time and device. This allows to devote time to other tasks, improving the agility and efficiency of the management and at the same time helping to reduce costs, thus increasing the productivity of employees and the company as a whole.

Uses of the digital certificate in large companies

Thanks to these advantages, large companies make use of the digital certificate for a wide range of tasks, processes and procedures. This allows them to improve their workflows both inside and outside their doors in a multitude of situations:

  • Communication with the AAPP: since the entry into force of Law 39/2015, which makes it mandatory to communicate electronically with the AAPP, there are many companies that have had to bet on the digital certificate to carry out this procedure.
  • International agreements: as we have already said, the digital certificate knows no borders and thanks to it the possibility of signing important agreements from one side of the planet to the other has become a reality.
  • Signing contracts: with suppliers, customers, employees… At the click of a button, large companies can have all these documents signed with full legal validity and in the possession of all parties involved.
  • Legal proceedings: on numerous occasions large companies must face litigation in which the veracity and legality of a signature is in question. Thanks to the qualified digital certificate, organizations can have the peace of mind and security that their documents have not been altered after the signature and that they comply with the maximum legal guarantees, just like a handwritten signature.
  • Transversality of departments: in large companies it is easy to find that the same digital certificate must be used by several employees. Thanks to the possibilities offered by platforms such as IvSign, it is possible to obtain the traceability of a digital certificate, knowing at all times which employee has used it, when, for what purpose, etc.
  • Presentation of annual accounts: annual balance sheet, profit and loss account, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement, annual report… all these financial documents can be presented electronically as long as they are electronically signed by the legal representative of the company.

All these advantages and uses are possible as long as you work with a digital certificate issued by a Certification Authority and a Qualified Service Provider as Ivnosys endorsed by the eIDAS regulation.

Ivnosys is the electronic signature and digital certificate company trusted by the Ibex 35 to protect their data. We are specialists in centralizing, protecting and managing the digital identity and electronic transactions of large companies through our solutions, such as IvSign, ensuring the cybersecurity of processes at all times.

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