Services provided by Ivnosys Solutions SLU

1. Scope and Purpose of These Terms

1.1 Where do these terms apply?

These terms and conditions are aimed at regulating the relationship between the owner of this website and its registered Users or Clients, based on the procurement of services that is derived from or requested through the website www.signaturit.com for the services provided by Ivnosys Solutions, Qualified Trust Service Provider, and/or the use of trust services by the interested party, and also the use and enjoyment of all other services that you will find on our website.

Users and clients can contact the team using the following contact information and by the means established at the time of contracting:

Ivnosys Solutions, S.L.U
TIN: B-98333362
Acceso Ademúz, 12 /Office 1 – 1st floor
46980 Paterna (Valencia)
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (+34) 96 003 12 03

As already stated in the Legal Notice, this website aims to present and provide the User with Ivnosys trust services, which are: Simple Electronic Signature, Simple Electronic Signature with OTP, Advanced Electronic Signature, Advanced Electronic Signature with OTP, Certified Electronic Delivery Service via email, Certified Electronic Delivery Service via SMS, Qualified Time Stamp, issuance of qualified certificates and qualified electronic signature. In addition to the System for managing the receipt of electronic notifications automatically, connecting with the electronic offices of different organizations.

Ivnosys solutions are offered in SaaS mode with different features and functionalities, without a trial period.

To purchase any of these services, the User must first expressly accept these terms when indicated.

The User/Client must also take into account the particular conditions that will be detailed, if applicable, at the time of acquiring the service, and that Ivnosys will attach together with the specific offer of products or services that is provided separately.

Hereinafter, when we refer to the website, blog and/or trust services, along with the other services offered, we will refer to them as Ivnosys Services.

1.2. What is the purpose of these terms?

These terms regulate and list the rules to be taken into account by the User/Client with regard to the procurement of services. Each service has different characteristics or peculiarities that are described on the website, in the contract for the provision of services as well as in this document, and which must be validated by the User, before acquiring it. In addition, upon accepting the User’s procurement of services, the User will be properly informed of any particular conditions and must validate them, if applicable.

Who is a Client?

The services may be acquired by any natural person or legal entity, by signing it on the Signaturit mandatory contract platform according to the modality specified with the commercial department of Ivnosys depending of the services.

Regarding to the processing of personal data, the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

2. How the Services Work

2.1. Reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions

2.1.1. Demo request

To request a free product demonstration, it will be necessary for the User to fill in the mandatory form with their data and, subsequently, the necessary data will be provided to be able to provide access to the service or consultation requested by the commercial department, always in accordance with the principles of relevance and proportionality and other obligations established both in the Ivnosys Privacy Policy and in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016 (RGPD in hereinafter), as well as the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPDyGDD hereinafter), as well as the rest of the provisions that exist and are enforceable in this matter, in order to be able to process the service correctly and/or keep you informed about the services and/or any other related aspect with the same ones that could be of interest.

2.1.2. Accepting the conditions

In accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the procurement of services shall be confirmed by through the signing of the contract for the provision of services and the privacy annexes and particular contracting conditions.

From the moment the User accepts the Terms and Conditions, the User acquires the status of Client, either because they had registered previously or because they had already acquired any of Ivnosys services at some point in time and had not definitively cancelled their registration.

Nevertheless, any service offered subsequently by Ivnosys, and not initially acquired by the Client, shall be the subject of a new procurement process as a Client, and you must have to proceed to the signing of a new contract or an annex to the contract that had already been signed.

Once these general conditions have been expressly accepted and the required services have been contracted, Ivnosys will contact the Client to manage the registration of users of the contracted services.

If authorised by the Client, Ivnosys may also send, where applicable, any offer, promotion or information that may be of interest to them, and also manage any other information as necessary, when it has been authorised.

2.1.3. Recommendations and considerations to take into account

The Client is expressly informed that, if there is any issue with their contact or billing details, application of discounts or any other situation that may affect their User profile or the procurement of services, they should contact the Ivnosys team by sending an email to [email protected].

Likewise, you are informed that, for legal reasons, Ivnosys files the contractual documentation in any format in which the contracting of these services is formalized, when the Client contracts the services offered.

Inform the Client that, in the event of an error in sending their data, they may proceed to modify the same in their Client or User profile within Ivnosys’ own platforms and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

2.2. Requirements for procurement:

2.2.1. Being of legal age

In order to be a Ivnosys User and/or Client and acquire services, the User must be at least of legal age.

Spain establishes the legal age for procuring services as 18 years old, which is why any service procured through Ivnosys by minors will not be considered valid.

In this regard, if a minor is ever found to have procured any of the services offered by Ivnosys, it would proceed to automatically cancel and refund the service or price paid, where applicable.

If you discover or know that a minor has acquired any of the services offered by this website, please report it as soon as possible to the following address [email protected], providing as many details as possible.

In the event you are acting on behalf of a company or in representation of a legal entity, you must have the relevant authorisations and/or powers to procure our services, and thus, take responsibility for the consequences that may arise from non-compliance with this requirement.

2.2.2. Formal statements and/or requirements 

Through the procurement of the services, the Client states:

  • That they are a person of legal age with the capacity to enter into contracts.
  • That they have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions and other regulations that apply to the procurement of Ivnosys services.


3. Price of Services

3.1. Price and services

The price for the contracted services will be communicated to you during the contracting process, which will be formalized by signing the mandatory contract for the provision of services with their economic and technical details. The services offered by Ivnosys will be provided according to the conditions established in the economic offer (annual user licenses and Ivcert application credits, which are spent on each shipment request made by the Client.

Ivnosys services are provided through your dashboard or through API integration, in both cases specifying a license that allows access to the dashboard or to the API in order to use the services during the term of the contract.

3.2. Applicable taxes

All prices included in the commercial proposals or order forms sent by Ivnosys staff will be final prices.

Unless a different amount is specified at the time of procurement, the total price for each of the types of services procured may also vary according to the VAT that is applicable to the buyer, with the buyer being the natural person or legal entity that acquires or procures any of the services through Ivnosys.

In accordance with Spanish Law 28/2014, of 27 November, by which, amongst others, Spanish Law 37/1992, of 28 December, on Value Added Tax is amended, and by virtue of the provisions of the location rules added to Directive 2006/112/EC by Directive 2008/8/EC, of 12 February 2018, the address or usual residence of the recipient of the electronic services shall be taken into account.

Ivnosys informs the Client that at all times and before procuring the service, our platform shall indicate the amount of VAT payable in your case, if any, which shall be reflected in the summary of the procurement and/or particular conditions that will be sent to you.

3.3. Changes in price

The User should be aware that Signaturit reserves the right to modify prices at any time, but it agrees to apply the rates in force, which are shown on the portal at the time the Client requests or procures the services and during the period for which that specific service was procured.

4. Procurement Procedure

4.1. Pre-employment contact

The Client will communicate, through the means of contact that Ivnosys makes available (telephone, email, web forms…) to request a free demonstration and/or a personalized commercial proposal. The commercial department may grant access to a demo version of the services offered or manage a commercial presentation depending on the case. To do this, you must freely and voluntarily provide the personal data that is required.

4.2. Procedures and start-up of the service

The steps to follow in order to use and enjoy each of our services shall be indicated in the particular conditions of contract, if any. In any case, the general process to be followed by the Client in order to formalise the procurement and begin using our services shall be as follows:

    1. Contact with sales department and formalization of a proposal detailing the contracted products and/or services.
    2. Formalization of the service provision contract by signing it, expressing acceptance of the products and/or services contracted in the contract or order form.
    3. The Client can be managed either by the Project Management department, at which time the precise technical adaptations will be made as detailed, or by the support department in the event that they are not required.
    4. Any subsequent modification of the particular conditions of the contract, whether by extension or modification of the contracted products or services or extension of licenses or credits, as the case may be, will be formalized through the respective order form.

Ivnosys reserves the right to modify the contracting process and the procedures for starting up the service at any time, indicating any modifying circumstance to the client in advance.

4.2. Way to pay

The default form of payment in the contracting of products or services provided by Ivnosys is the bank transfer with a term determined in the proposal. Any variation on this concept that deviates from the conditions predetermined by Ivnosys must be expressly agreed upon and will be included in the particular conditions of the contract.

5. Duration of Service

The default duration of the contract is one (1) year, the renewal will take place tacitly unless you communicate one (1) month before the expiration of the contract or any of its renewals your wish not to continue with it.

6. Terms for Delivering Services

6.1. General aspects

The service shall be delivered to Clients by the Ivnosys team through the email provided by the Client when procuring the services.

In this way, once the contract has been formalized and following the steps and instructions that will be indicated by the Ivnosys team, the Client will be able to use the products or services as established in the particular conditions.

6.2. User assistance and incidents

If the Client requires assistance for the use of the company’s platforms or services, they must contact the Ivnosys team at [email protected] so that they can advise them conveniently.

Likewise, if the client finds that the application gives him an error or any type of problem that he does not know, he can contact through the previous email to resolve the incident that may have occurred.

7. Guarantee

7.1. Agility

vnosys guarantees an easy and agile system, which allows you to upload the documents to the platform, make the adjustments and/or check the corresponding boxes and adapt it to your needs according to the particularities and/or functionalities of the solution, in an agile way. , easy and simple.7.2. security guarantee.

This website complies with the highest Internet security standards, including maximum server security and HTTPS security protocols in all the products and services it supplies to its Clients.  You can consult our Information Security Policy.

7.2. Privacy

Ivnosys is especially involved and aware of ensuring the confidentiality of the data provided by its Clients, which is why it has implemented all the necessary technical and organizational measures to minimize the risk of loss of personal data and/or confidential information. For more information in this regard, the User can see the Privacy Policy.

8. Responsibilities of the Client or User

The Client undertakes to check that he has received all the documentation detailed here once the service has been contracted. If you have any questions, please contact the Ivnosys team using the different means at your disposal. Also, according to the following points:

  1. The Client undertakes to pay the amount of the invoices issued for the contracted services in a timely manner.
  2. The Client and users must make good use of the products and services offered by Ivnosys, forcing themselves to use the services offered on this website, in a lawful manner and without contravening current legislation or harming the rights and interests of third parties.
  3. Likewise, it guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the data provided in the contracting and of the users registered under its responsibility, avoiding the creation of damages to Ivnosys as a consequence of the incorrectness of the same.
  4. You will also be responsible for respecting the conditions, form or execution of the services detailed in the applicable particular conditions, as the case may be, as well as in the Community Rules, when any.
  5. The User is also responsible for making good use of their User profile and password to access the contracted products and services, committing to make diligent use of them and keep them conveniently so that they are not made available to third parties, as well as also to notify Ivnosys of its loss, theft or possible access by an unauthorized third party, so that Ivnosys can immediately block it.
  6. The Client may not misuse the services offered by Ivnosys in any way, especially for sending documents to recipients who, among others and by way of example:
  7. May damage or violate the rights of minors.
  8. Contain threats, harassment or insults.
  9. Is considered adult or pornographic material.
  10. Involve carrying out a fraudulent or criminal activity or sending a virus or other systems that may cause damage of any kind or may violate information security or privacy.
  11. It is the responsibility of the User and/or the Client to inform third parties with whom they interact through Ivnosys, about the use of the platform, this policy of general contracting conditions and the Privacy Policy, to comply with the applicable legislation in terms of data protection when operating as Data Controller. In accordance with the foregoing, Ivnosys will not be responsible for the consequences that may arise from this breach.
  12. The client undertakes to adopt the timely and appropriate organizational and technical measures in terms of privacy and information security in order to guarantee compliance with what is established here, as well as what is provided for in the applicable regulations.
  13. Failure to comply with any of these conditions may lead to the immediate withdrawal or cancellation of the services by Ivnosys without prior notice, without this giving the User or Client the right to request any compensation. Likewise, Ivnosys reserves the right to present as many legal or judicial actions as it deems necessary in case of detecting the commission of a crime by the client or any other type of legal infraction.


9. Limits to the liability of Ivnosys

Ivnosys will be responsible for:

  • Provide the contracted services as determined in the contracting conditions in response to the services contracted by each Client and/or the particular conditions agreed upon.
  • Adopt the appropriate security measures, protecting the confidentiality of the data of its Users and/or Clients as provided in this text and other applicable legal policies with the greatest possible diligence.
  • Adopt the security measures that are appropriate both as data processor and as data controller, when appropriate in response to the intervention and purpose of the data processing carried out by the same and that is established in our Privacy Policy.
  • Give support to the client in what refers to the proper functioning of the contracted service.


10. Limits to the liability of Ivnosys

By way of example and not limitation, Ivnosys will not be responsible in any case in the event of:

  1. Misuse or abuse by Users and/or Clients of the information obtained through the services contracted with Ivnosys.
  2. Damages or losses that have occurred as a result of the use of the information extracted from the services offered by Ivnosys.
  3. Documents not suitable for signature, uploaded or published by the User and/or Clients and sent to the recipient without the latter being able to sign validly and/or adequately in accordance with the legally established criteria.
  4. Errors, delays in access by the Client when providing the necessary data to proceed to start the provision of contracted services or reception by the recipients of the document or any delay, failure or anomaly that may arise when these incidents are due to actions of the User or Client, problems in the Internet network, fortuitous causes or force majeure or any other unforeseeable contingency and beyond the good faith of the company.
  5. Ivnosys undertakes to solve any problems that may arise as long as they are due solely and exclusively to a problem in the Ivnosys system, collaborating in whatever is necessary so that the Client can benefit from a quick solution to the problem. incidence.
  6. Errors or damage caused by negligence or bad faith in the use of the service by the User and/or Client.
  7. Non-operational or problems in the email address provided by the Client for sending the documentation, both theirs and that of the recipient, as well as the consequences that may arise from it.
  8. The failures and incidents that may occur in communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions given that there may be network failures or other types of situations for which Ivnosys is not directly responsible, it cannot assume responsibility for it or guarantee that the website services are constantly operational, being exempt from any damage that this could cause.
  9. Of the production of any type of damage that the Client or third parties could cause in the Web site of third parties or of the client.
  10. Ivnosys reserves the right to suspend access without prior notice at its discretion and permanently or temporarily until effective liability for damages that may occur when any situation is detected in which the User and/or Client have not acted diligently and/or have taken advantage of the functionalities of the website, blog or contracted services in any way that could have caused any damage.
  11. Of the processes or sanctioning files that are opened to the client in any matter and in which the services of Ivnosys could have been used.
  12. In no case will Ivnosys be responsible for data processing that has not been previously informed or for which the pertinent measures have not been adopted when the person responsible for said processing is a third party; that is, when Ivnosys acts as data processor, but must, to do so, comply with its own obligations and responsibilities under the provisions of the applicable regulations in relation to data protection.

Likewise, and in accordance with current legislation, it is stated that Ivnosys, even when it is not responsible for the damages that could have been caused, both to the company and to third parties, will collaborate and notify the competent authority of this type of incident as soon has reliable knowledge that the damage caused may constitute illegal activity. Likewise, it reserves the right to present as many actions of the type that it considers in case of detecting the commission of a crime by the client or any other type of legal infraction.


11. Industrial and Intellectual Property

11.1. Intellectual property

All rights regarding the content published by Ivnosys on its website are protected by copyright and intellectual and industrial property rights.

Ivnosys is responsible for the ownership of the website, blog and services related to it and highlights that they have been developed and created by Signaturit, and that it has all the opportune licenses and permissions to make use of any content included on the website, as well as the programming code, design or materials associated with its services.

The company’s articles, content, images or logos are either owned by Ivnosys, or by the persons or companies that have expressly authorised their publication; or they are owned by people or companies that are subject to licenses that allow us to use these elements.

Without express written consent by Ivnosys, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available to the public, sale or any other use other than those expressly authorised by Ivnosys, in its policies and other notices published on its website and/or blog, whether commercial or otherwise, is expressly prohibited, when this use involves the exploitation of content in a different way than anticipated, with, for example, the User being allowed to cite and mention posts from the blog on their social networks, as long as these citations are accompanied by the source and/or author.

For more information, the User can consult the intellectual property policy contained in this Legal Notice.

11.2. Ivnosys industrial property and/or trademarks

IVNOSYS®, IvSign®, IvCert®, IvNeos®, Portal NEOS®, Agent SC®, among other distinctive signs, are trademarks and trade names registered by IVNOSYS®, and are protected by industrial property regulations. All other distinctive signs that appear on this website, unless otherwise indicated, are also registered by IVNOSYS® or by their respective owners who do not grant any kind of license to users of the same. The use of any distinctive sign of IVNOSYS® not implicit in the use of this website or in the 2.0 philosophy is prohibited.

The texts, drawings, images, photographs, videos and other graphic, sound and audiovisual elements contained in this web page, as well as its structure, design, source code, logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs that appear on it (the contents, hereinafter) are, unless otherwise indicated, owned by IVNOSYS® or its collaborators and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. IVNOSYS® licenses the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication on all the contents of this page to all users for “use 2.0.” as long as it is cited and linked to the URL of origin of the contents. IVNOSYS® does not assign any other right of reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation of the website, its design or any of its content to users. Any use of the page or its contents that is not in accordance with its purpose is prohibited. The exploitation, use, reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, or any other similar or analogous activity, of any programming elements used on this website without the corresponding license/authorization are prohibited. In this sense, the use of this website does not imply the transfer of any of the aforementioned rights.

Any violation of the industrial or intellectual property rights owned by IVNOSYS®, its partners, its partners or its collaborators will be prosecuted with all legal means available at all times before the competent jurisdiction in each case.

11.3. Image rights and authorisation for the use of Client data as a Ivnosys client

By accepting these terms, the Client agrees to allow Ivnosys to use their data and corporate image (logo) as a Ivnosys Client in the different promotional media it uses in order to present and/or promote its services to third parties, such as the website and/or blog, social media, catalogues and/or corporate brochures, among others, with Ivnosys committing to process them in a way that respects the Client’s brand image and right to honor at all times.

For this purpose, the Client authorises Ivnosys to use their logo and/or their contact information and publish them, with the option to include a link to the Client’s website that forwards those who are interested in accessing it from the different corporate media used by Ivnosys, (for example, publishing the Client’s logo on the Ivnosys website, accompanied by a link that directs the User to the Client’s corporate website).

This shall not imply any transfer of the Client’s trade mark, only that it can be used for the exclusive purposes stated above.

12. Modifications to These Conditions 

If there is any disagreement between the text in these Terms and Conditions and any translation thereof, the Spanish version shall always prevail since the service provider, Ivnosys, is located in Spain. If there are any differences between the Spanish version of the general terms and their possible translations, the Spanish version shall prevail.

13. Modificaciones a estas condiciones

Ivnosys reserves the rigth to make changes and/or modifications to these Terms when it deems convenient and/or necessary and will do so in accordance with market conditions or legal requirements and/or regulatory changes that may be applicable.

The updates and/or modifications shall be duly announced and notified to Users, thus guaranteeing the principles of publicity and transparencyof Clients and/or Users.

Notwithstanding the above, the Useror Client shall be subject to the conditions that were published and of which they would have been informed at the time they procured each service.

14. Nullity of Clauses

In the event that any clause in these Terms and Conditions is declared null, the remaining clauses shall still be valid and shall be interpreted taking into account the wishes of the parties and the purpose of these Terms, with the clause in question being considered non-applicable. Ivnosys may choose to not exercise any of the rights and powers granted in this document, however this does not imply any waiver thereof, unless expressly recognised by Ivnosys.

15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. They will be governed by Spanish legislation, submitting the Parties to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Valencia for the resolution of any dispute that may occur, expressly waiving any jurisdiction of their own, being able to freely designate the legal representation they deem appropriate.

16. Subjection to the rest of the legal policies and conditions

These conditions are complemented by the rest of the legal policies established on the website, such as the Legal NoticePrivacy Policy and Cookies Policy, in addition to the particular contracting conditions applicable to each specific case, as the case may be, as well as any another that is necessary to add or complement, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force at any time.

17. Subject to Other Legal Policies and Conditions 

These Terms are supplemented by the other legal policies established on the website, such as the Legal NoticePrivacy Policy and Cookies Policy, in addition to the particular conditions of contract that are applicable to each specific case, as well as any other that may be necessary to add, in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation at all times.

18. Modification of services

The Client is informed that, once registered for any of our services and at any time, they may opt for any of our other services. To do this, you will contact Ivnosys via email [email protected], telephone 960031203 or any other means by which you regularly communicate with Ivnosys and the sales department will provide you with detailed information on the new service to be contracted and new conditions. hiring individuals.

19. Standard Service Agreement

Customer Service

Once the start-up of the services contracted by the Client has begun, it will be covered by the Technical Support Service to ensure its operational continuity in the face of possible incidents and problems that may occur during its operation. Technical support associated with the following incident resolution situations is included. Which will be developed according to the following service level scheme:

a) Initial Support (Client)

In this type of support, the most basic problems of the Client are solved. All user incidents will be addressed in the first instance by this initial Support Service.

The support will be given by Client personnel (through its own CAU), with knowledge of its structures and with basic training in Ivnosys services.

This initial Support must have a sole person in charge in the Client, who must inform Ivnosys.

Tasks to perform in the Initial Support:

  • Gather all the information on the incident.
  • Analyze the information and symptoms detected to determine the problem.
  • Provide their assistance acting on possible solutions, whenever it is within their reach.
  • Escalate the incidence to a higher level whenever it exceeds its scope.
  • Track incidents and queries in progress.
  • Communicate to the Client’s users the status of existing incidents and queries.
  • Communicate to the Client’s users the planned interventions with an impact on the service.

Scope of Incident Resolution in Initial Support:

  • Problems in user communications. Verification of network connections and security filters.
  • Base configuration problems of computer equipment.
  • Problems in the initial software configuration of IVNOSYS. Configuration verification.
  • Problems in the installation of IVNOSYS software. Verification of installation processes.
  • Usability incidents in the use of applications.
  • Troubleshooting that users encounter and that are generated by incorrect or inappropriate use by the user.

b) Technical Support (Ivnosys)

Technical Support is provided by IVNOSYS. It is a specialized support in the services provided. It is made up of highly qualified IVNOSYS technicians who are functionally and technically trained in all services.

Tasks to perform in Technical Support:

  • Act and resolve incidents not resolved in the Initial Support and that have been escalated due to scope issues.
  • Request the necessary additional information from both Initial Support and the user (through the contact channel with the Customer’s initial Support), for the resolution of the incident.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Address specialized queries of a technical nature that could not be resolved by Initial Support.

c) Incident escalation to technical support

The escalation from Initial Support to Technical Support may be carried out by the persons designated by the Client and duly notified to IVNOSYS through the established communication channels. Incidents reported by Client end users will be referred to Initial Support.

The communication of the incident by Initial Support to Technical Support must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • The name of the product.
  • The Client’s name.
  • The type of action (incidence/query/request/communication/etc.).
  • A descriptive title.
  • The urgency of the resolution (critical/high/low priority).
  • If the incident is related to a specific user, include their username in the application.
  • The date and time the incident occurred (format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm).
  • The detailed description of the incident (can be completed with screenshots, if necessary).
  • The error code (if it appears on the screen).
  • The steps followed to replicate the incident in Initial Support.
  • Data on the environment in which the incident occurred (operating system/browser/software versions/etc.).
  • Relevant observations.

d) Contact channels and schedule

IVNOSYS offers standard support during the following hours in Spain (peninsular time):

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in winter time and from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in summer time.
  • Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Except for national holidays.

An email will be available for reporting incidents to Technical Support and, only for attention to critical incidents outside of support hours, a telephone number will be available.

The Client must provide Ivnosys with contact information: email and telephone, for communication purposes.

e) Priorities definition

Reported incidents will be classified according to the following classification, according to business impact, number of affected users and urgency:

  1. Critical – Tendrán esta categoría todos aquellos incidentes que:
    • have a critical impact on the business and
    • there is no alternative to the problem or
    • affect a large number of functionalities or all or
    • affect a large number of users (>50%)
  2. High – This category will have all those incidents in which:
    • there is an acceptable alternative to the problem and
    • the system is totally or partially degraded or
    • affect a substantial number of users (>25%)
  3. Low – All those incidents that are not included in the previous levels will have this category. Therefore, all individual incidents will be included in this level.

f) SLA indicators

For service management, the following indicators are handled:

  • Attention time: It is the time that has elapsed from the receipt of an incident until IVNOSYS has contacted the Client for the first time.
  • Restoration: It is aimed at a first solution that allows the restoration of the service.
  • Restoration time: It is the time that has elapsed from the reception of an incident until IVNOSYS has given the provisional solution to the problem.
  • Definitive solution: It is aimed at a final solution to the problem, which can be achieved by leaving the system as it was before the incident or incorporating those improvements that prevent a recurrence of the same problem.
  • Definitive solution time: It is the time that has elapsed from the receipt of an incident until IVNOSYS has given a definitive solution to the problem.

g) Response times

The following table shows the service times according to the criticality of the reported incidents:

Atention time

Restoration time

Time for final solution

Crítica 1 hour 8 hour

5 days

Alta 2 hour 16 hour

10 days

Baja 6 hour 40 hour

Will be agreed in each case

The times indicated in days and hours refer to working days and hours.

In the SLA calculations, incidents that the parties decide are not the responsibility of IVNOSYS will be eliminated.
Those incidents that require a new version of a product will be identified as non-urgent (low criticality) and the definitive solution time will be placed at the time of deployment of that version.

h) Scheduled outages

Scheduled outages” of services caused by the following will not be considered for the purpose of response times:

  • Works that involve service cut-off and that are necessary to improve the operation of the service.
  • Works of preventive maintenance of infrastructures.
  • Software upgrades.

Scheduled service outages will be notified at least 48 hours in advance through the established communication channels.

i) Level of service

The service levels committed to the CLIENT are:


Target value

Attention to incidents within the established timeframe 90%
Restoration within the established times 80%
Final solution within the established time frame 70%

Service level values will be measured on a semi-annual basis.

In case of any non-compliance with the committed service levels, the account manager at IVNOSYS and the project manager at the Client will be contacted to determine the relevant tasks to be addressed and to define the corresponding corrective actions.