At Ivnosys we have a team with more than 15 years of experience developing advanced solutions to bring Information and Communication Technologies closer to both public and private sector companies and independent professionals.

Our history

Our founders created Ivnosys. 1st office in Torrent. Development of the first product, IvSign. Staff increases to 10 employees.

IvNeos is created. The company already has 24 employees.

International expansion. New projects in Latin America and France. The company currently has over 90 employees.

Integration with Signaturit and Universign backed by the Providence Fund – PSG Division

Artic Soluciones is born with only 2 employees, in order to satisfy the market needs in corporate digital identity security.

New offices in Paterna. IvCert is developed. The workforce increases to 17 employees.

National expansion. Alliance with CAPZA. The workforce increases to 55 employees.

International expansion.
New certifications in LATAM: Indecopi and Indotel.
New offices in France.
130 employees.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide technological solutions to companies and individuals in order to save time and unnecessary procedures, with the maximum guarantee of security, integrity and efficiency in electronic processes through the use of digital certificates and electronic signatures.

Our vision

Since we started, we have focused on process automation, mobility and the application of the paperless culture in all sectors of society, helping the planet by reducing the use of paper and supporting citizens, Public Administration and Companies in their path towards the digital transformation.


Our core values

Valores Ivnosys
Innovation and flexibility

We propose and provide valuable solutions to our customers with the personalization of our products as a characteristic factor. By developing our technological solutions, we provide a wide range of possibilities, in which we have been able to capture and adapt the needs of our partners at all times, becoming the driving force behind the digital transformation proposals of our end customers.

Valores Ivnosys
Effort and teamwork

Thanks to the great professionals who make up our organisation, we constantly focus our energy on improving and reinventing workflows to continue to strengthen the foundations of the digital society. Our objective is to achieve maximum efficiency in processes, making it easier to reconcile work and personal life with day-to-day work, which is key to the well-being of our principal asset, our team.

Valores Ivnosys

We act in accordance with ethical and social standards, being rigorous in the compliance and renewal of certifications in quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1 and ISO22301) and computer security (ISO 27001), in addition to being Qualified Trusted Electronic Service Providers of the Spanish Government.