What is an ECM Software or Enterprise Content Management?

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Optimising time and automating workflows in enterprise content management is nowadays an indispensable requirement for organisations with large volumes of content.

Given this reality, an ECM Software works as a centralised platform where the user has access to all the content of his company avoiding the risks associated with traditional operations and benefiting from the multiple advantages of digitisation.

What is an ECM Software?

An ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Software is a digital tool designed to organise, store and manage the processes, content and information of a company.

The ECM software is an evolution of traditional document managers, thus eliminating the compliance risks and other potential problems that arose prior to its emergence.

What are the objectives of an ECM software?

The objectives of an enterprise content management system are diverse and have as their ultimate goal the optimal digitisation of a company’s documents in order to ensure that corporate knowledge is not lost. The main objectives of an ECM software include:

  • Optimisation of document management processes, as well as decision-making in the company, both with regard to processes and employees.
  • Centralisation of information in a single place.
  • Elimination of dependence on paper documents.
  • Organisation of unstructured information according to the needs of the company.
  • Increased customer retention and acquisition capacity thanks to the incorporation of this system as a competitive advantage in relation to other companies in the sector.

Advantages of ECM software

When looking to manage a company’s intellectual knowledge, working with an ECM system or document management system allows companies and professionals to make the most of the corporate information they have in their possession. Organisations of all sectors and sizes that have an automation and document management platform benefit from the following advantages:

  • Preventing risks of loss of valuable information and intellectual de-capitalisation.
  • Promoting communication between all employees of the same company.
  • Improving the organisation’s relationship with its customer
  • Increased productivity and efficiency, which in turn translates into an improvement in the quality of the work performed.
  • Capacity to store, save and manage large volumes of information optimally in the cloud.
  • Legality: biometric signature analysis software defensible in case of litigation.
  • Saves time and unnecessary costs.

IvDoc: the ECM software for document management

Taking into account the needs of today’s companies, responsible for managing large volumes of information, data and documentation on a daily routine, IvDoc is presented as the best software option for document management.

This system makes it possible to capture, catalogue, store, protect and locate corporate documentation. The reason why our clients have chosen this software is because it allows the centralisation of all the knowledge of a company so that it can be exploited by all employees. Therefore, IvDoc is based on:

  • Document management: centralises corporate documentation in any format and in a homogeneous way.
  • Workflow (process management): allows advanced business processes to be defined for execution in a customisable, multi-platform Web environment.
  • Capture mail: capture, management and document cataloguing of e-mails.
  • Virtual safe: includes a complete document audit.
  • Capture of documentation: by means of massive capture, it is possible to digitalise documentation in multiple posts/users with batch control, by means of scanner.

IvDoc is a system that can be integrated with your company’s applications, as well as with IvSign, IvCert or IvBio platforms, so that the storage of your signed documents is completely secured.

This ECM software developed by Ivnosys helps companies to work with complete security thanks to the support of Ivnosys as a Qualified Service Provider endorsed by the European eIDAS regulation. If you want to move to the side of complete digitisation of all your company’s corporate documentation, contact us and get the most innovative document management platform on the market.

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