Vacations and electronic notifications: how to avoid sanctions

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As we were anticipating, many companies are already being penalized by public administrations for expiration of response deadlines due to the arrival of electronic notifications that remain unattended. This event is causing alarm among professionals and entities that are forced to look for solutions to avoid being fined.

In this sense, as a company, it is possible that you have received a financial fine for neglecting to take care of the electronic notifications received by your organization and, if this has not yet happened to you, read these tips carefully.

According to current regulations, you have a maximum period of 10 days to respond to electronic notifications from the moment they are received

*Be careful! Sometimes situations may arise (due to communication failures, carelessness, absences from work, etc.) in which notifications are not handled within the established deadlines and, as a result, the Administration will assume that they have not been attended to and will begin to process the corresponding process. Avoid this and contact them as soon as you become aware of it.

Update your tax calendar to stop electronic notifications

Not paying attention to electronic notifications from the AAPP and the possibility of being sanctioned can be a serious problem. However, there are already digital solutions such as the IvNeos platform to avoid incurring infractions for this reason. The State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT) allows you to select 30 days a year during which the agency will not issue electronic notifications and thus companies will not fall into financial penalties for not accessing them within a maximum period of 10 days.

Mandatory online communication with the AAPP (Spanish Public Administrations)

This April, Law 39/2015 came into force, which has marked the beginning of the obligatory nature of maintaining online communication with the AAPP. As a result, the management of electronic notifications has become a problem that can be very expensive if you do not have the appropriate and necessary technology. The solution is simple: have an automatic notification manager in which your company can synchronize thousands of mailboxes of public bodies and automatically receive notifications from all your communities in a single point.

What is IvNeos?

It is a platform that automatically registers and collects notifications issued by more than 9,000 public bodies and monitors their status in real time by downloading and storing the documents securely in the cloud.

Thanks to this technology, companies and professionals can register the vacation period in the tax calendar so that it is recorded and, therefore, the due dates do not expire during those marked days. In this way, it is possible to decide which will be the 30 days in which the company or professional will be “absent” to manage the electronic notifications received and, additionally, to share it with the AEAT so that it does not issue new ones. These days do not have to be consecutive, but it should be considered that they can only be selected from July 17 onwards. On the other hand, if your company manages the mailboxes of different customers, you can select the same dates for all of them massively or specify them one by one.

From Ivnosys we have developed this tool that is already helping millions of companies from all sectors in online communication with the AAPP, which allows to optimize time and digitize their processes with numerous benefits. Request your demo here!

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