Castellon de la Plana City saves 1,5 millions of € to citizens and companies, thanks to Agente Sc

Escrito por: Marketing Team Fecha Saturday 14, February 2015 Categoría: Digital Certificate, E-Signature

Castellon Mayor, Alfonso Bataller, highlighted on Monday April 7, that “the City Hall has saved to citizens and companies near to 1.5 million €, thanks to interoperability services, available for their people since May of 2013.””

Bataller has detailed that, thanks to Agente Sc, there has been a total of 47,556 documents and certificates, which have not been required to present in the consistory, thanks to this interoperability system, “which is one of the most important projects of the Smart Cities Network”

Interoperability between Public Administrations materializes the right of citizens to ‘not provide information and documents held by public authorities’.

The implementation of interoperability in Castellon City, through  Agent SC, ‘is an example of how new technologies mean direct savings for businesses and citizens, and is already implemented around 90%’.

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