Ivnosys, Valencian technology to protect digital identity

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“What differentiates us from others is that we are a manufacturer of certification technology. In other words, we not only issue digital certificates, we protect them and offer solutions so that our clients can use them as usual”. This is how Jaime Castelló, CEO of Ivnosys, explains the company’s business card, which has seen the demand for its services increase both because of the pandemic (240% in the first quarter of last year) and because of the increase in cyber-attacks and the need for companies to avoid fraud.

“We have to emphasise security”, insists Castelló, “in protecting our digital identity because that is what guarantees the other person, the person facing us, who we are”, a key aspect in times of pandemic, when many of the operations, for example with the Administration, are done ‘online’. In this sense, Ivnosys acts as a guardian, as its digital certificates “cannot be transferred, that is, the client gives an authorisation for use and it is deposited in Ivnosys”. In this way, all transactions are recorded and audited.

Oficina Ivnosys

Specialised in the development of software to centralise, protect and manage the digital identity and electronic transactions of companies with the maximum legal guarantees, Ivnosys currently has a team of 120 professionals and is the company in which the Ibex-35 trusts to protect its data.

Paperless culture

Our technology also allows companies to reduce the use of paper by up to 100% through the implementation of electronic signature, certification and notification solutions, which also translates into cost savings of between one and three million euros per month.

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