IVACE grants Ivnosys a subsidy within the SME Digitalization Projects program

Escrito por: ivnosys Fecha Friday 2, July 2021 Categoría: Digital Certificate, Digitization

The company Ivnosys, a benchmark in technology and innovation, has recently received a grant awarded by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) by Resolution of Grant Concession dated April 17, 2020, within the SME Digitalization Projects program. It is a project co-financed by IVACE and the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

The project in question is about the issuance of digital certificates with remote identification, framed in the program called “SME Digitalization Projects ( Digitize-CV Teleworking) 2020”.

Said project responds to some clearly defined objectives in which the Valencian company will work. These are some of them, such as:

  • Acquisition and implementation of the infrastructure for the implementation of the Certification Authority.
  • Implementation of the licenses for the development of the Certification Authority.
  • Ceremonies for the generation of the cryptographic keys of the CA
  • Audit by the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the accreditation of the Certification Authority before the Supervisory Organism in Spain.
  • Accreditation by the Regulatory Organism
  • Integration of biometric identification components
  • Analysis and study of the “Order ETD/465/2021, of May 6, regulating remote video identification methods for the issuance of qualified electronic certificates.” On which video-identification mechanisms should be based.

As part of the positive results of this project, it should be noted that the IvSign Global CA Certification Authority is already fully implemented and accredited before the supervisory Organism. Therefore, the material assets initially planned have been fully implemented. The implementation of a Certification Authority with its own technology will allow Ivnosys to start offering services without relying on third parties, thus allowing greater versatility and business continuity guarantees that are essential and indispensable in the current business context. Moreover, the fact that Ivnosys is one of the only digital solutions providers in the market that has its own infrastructure, has made it possible to tackle the video-identification project thanks to the full integration capacity of the systems.

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