Agente SC, Solution for interoperability between Public Administrations

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In October 2015, the Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations was approved.

According to the Article 28 of that law:

“Public Administrations should collect the documents electronically through their corporate networks, the data intermediation platforms or other electronic systems for this purpose.”

Agente SC_InteroperabilidadAdministraciones Públicas

Therefore, when citizens want to make some kind of process with the Public Administration, are no longer required to provide documents such as ID photocopies, certificates of being aware of payment with the TGSS or the income tax, among many others.

AGENTE SC is an Ivnosys Soluciones service to implement this interoperability between public administrations, quickly, easily and economically. This tool includes all consultation services, and the Ivnosys Solutions advice and support in system maintenance and troubleshooting.

In addition to consultation services, there are other accessories to facilitate the publication and management of the  Public Sector Procurement Platform. There is also the possibility of developing tailor-made internal data query agency services or integration with other applications.

AGENT SC is the best solution to adjust your organization to the interoperability between public administrations rules, removing bureaucracy and costs and achieving citizen satisfaction. You can learn more about this application on our WEB.

Agente Sc_Interoperability between Public Administrations

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