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Discover IvSign, the platform that enhaces the security of your digital identity and is comitted to the centralization and traceability of digital certificates thanks to its secure cloud storage.

Go one step further in the management of your company’s processes and promote the use of electronic signatures in your company. IvSign gives way to the digital transformation of your company with full validity and immediately, without complex integrations and using your digital certificate with the same applications as always, without obstacles and in a reliable and audited way.

Suite of e-signature solutions to evolve your business:

Cloud centralized signature

Signature that is done with digital certificate in the cloud, allowing the acceptance and management of documents from any place and with the greatest legal security.

Electronic signature

Signature method with the maximum legal range, through which you could accept the content of a document with full guarantees, assuring the identity of the signatory and the message integrity.

Advanced biometric signature

Verify the identity of the people that sign with more accuracy, analyzing biometric data as: contact position, speed and pressure of the pen at the time of the signature.

OTP (SMS) Acceptance

Provide security to the transactions and authorizations you make through the acceptance of your operations by the one-time use PIN, sent via SMS to your mobile phone.

Click-wrap acceptance

Express confirmation by the user of the dialog boxes through which to validate the terms and conditions of use and documents.

Certified communication

Send documentation in an efficient and safe way, either by email or SMS. You will also have the option to download the document.

IvSign: advanced cloud signature.
IvSign is the definitive solution for e-signatures in the cloud.


It offers the following features:

  • 360 System
    IvSign is the usable electronic signature. It can be used on any device and with the same applications that have certificates installed in Windows.
  • In the Cloud: No installations
    With IvSign you don’t need to install the certificate on your devices. It allows centralization of all certificates in the cloud.
  • Safe: SSL and HSM
    IvSign encrypts all communications (SSL) and stores the private key of digital certificates on a secure remote device (HSM). Even if the device is lost or forgotten, digital certificates are kept safe.
  • Control: Audit of all signed documents
    IvSign provides a record of every transaction to enable auditing and monitoring of all signed documents on the platform. You can also have a use control of certificate management without compromising security by assigning roles that enable other users to sign documents on your behalf.
    IvSign acces
  • Word add-in
    Expand the possibilities of IvSign with this free Word 365 add-in with which you can sign your documents securely from any device without installing any certificates on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the add-in also allows you to download the signed documents in PDF format.
    Download IvSign add-in for Word 365