Document management is a step towards improving the efficiency of companies. There are many resources and time invested in the search, management and order of information.

IVNOSYS Solutions, in its eagerness to develop totally innovative products and improve the efficiency of company processes, offers a unique document management system, through which it can systematically control the creation, reception, maintenance and disavailability of documents.

It’s about turning a truly tedious and monotonous task, into something simple, agile and intuitive that also allows an improvement in the use of softwares and work in a safe and confidential way thanks to cloud storage.

Document management is possible thanks to the products offered by IVNOSYS Solutions, giving sense to the organizational structure and guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of business procedures.

Some of the advantages of the document management are:

  • Digitization of documents.

    Working in a document management system implies carrying out a certificates centralization process such that you can work from a single point, without having to waste time reviewing an infinite number of different files. Apart from leaving behind a tedious work, a large organization of the documentation is carried out, being able to prioritize and manage the files in an efficient way.

  • Improved workflow.

    Document management involves transforming workflows into much more efficient processes, where performance is maximized. In addition, the companies’ commitment to digital transformation allows them to have a much more global vision of the business, being able to control the work processes within the business and automating repetitive tasks.

Our main objective is to provide reliability, security and efficiency to all digital certificates, unifying and monitoring them.

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