IvSign is the ultimate solution for cloud certified signature.

It offers the following features:

– 360 System
IvSign is the usable electronic signature. It can be used on any device and with the same applications that have certificates installed in Windows.

– In the Cloud: No installations
With IvSign you don’t need to install the certificate on your devices. It allows centralization of all certificates in the cloud.

– Safe: SSL and HSM
IvSign encrypts all communications (SSL) and stores the private key of digital certificates on a secure remote device (HSM). Even if the device is lost or forgotten, digital certificates are kept safe.

– Control: Audit of all signed documents
IvSign provides a record of every transaction to enable auditing and monitoring of all signed documents on the platform. You can also delegate certificate management without compromising security by assigning roles that enable other users to sign documents on your behalf.

IvSign access from Azure

– Word add-in

Expand the possibilities of IvSign with this free Word 365 add-in with which you can sign your documents securely from any device without installing any certificates on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the add-in also allows you to download the signed documents in PDF format.

Download IvSign add-in for Office 365
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Ivnosys Soluciones, proyectos Movilidad

Certificates centralization

Digital certificate is the only way to ensure technically and legally the identity of a person on the Internet. It is an indispensable requirement for institutions to offer insurance services through the network, while allowing the electronic signature of documents.

Certificates centralization allows you to store digital certificates safely, to authorize their use in equipment to different users, processes and web pages, centrally and with traceability in the operations.

It is the only way to ensure, technically and legally, the identity of a person on the Internet, the electronic signature of documents and the encryption of communications and content


Web application for the definition and execution of electronic signatures workflows, such as:
-Management of users and positions
-Definition of predefined flows of document approvals
-Responsive design
-Integrated with CKC system for remote signature
-Electronic signature compatible with mobile devices
-Signing of multiple documents in a single operation

Ivnosys, proyectos de centralización de certificados

Biometric Signature

Technology to identify people, based in the following properties that recognize who makes the signature:

-Contact position
-Movement speed and acceleration
-Pressure and tilt applied in the pen

All this allows to verify the identity of a person, with greater accuracy and safety, while avoiding the exchange of documents on paper.

Our biometric signature solution has been legally validated by prestigious law firms specialized in ICT law, as well as the Spanish Association Of Calligraphic Experts .

One of our latests biometrical signature works  has been one project made for UMIVALE, Mutual wich collaborates with Seguridad Social. This implementation meant a significant reduction of their environmental impact and an increase of the security of their signed documents.

Certified Digitization

Key services and products to manage documents in various forms, such as paper, microfilm and digital formats:

-Ensuring the security of  the documents.
-Removing spaces  with papel archives and microfilms.
-Improving the management and access to information

The technical conditions for digitization are:

-Collection of documents, using sequentially numbered containers.
-The documents are prepared, classified and digitized in black and white, at a minimum resolution of 200 dots per inch.
-The scanned documents are stored in PDF files and forwarded via the Internet, using security protocols such as VPN, FTPs, etc.
-For certified digitization we use an approved software, specialized and personalized to the invoices characteristics.