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Ivnosys Solutions staff is made up of experienced, highly skilled, and certified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in ICT´s design and construction.

The company is always looking for synergies and agreements of partnership with different types of companies, getting innovative solutions that offer direct and effective answers to big companies. Ivnosys Solutions applies with intelligence the services in the cloud, to arrive to thousands of SMEs and freelancers.

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Digital certificate is the only way to ensure technically and legally the identity of a person on the Internet. It is an indispensable requirement for institutions to offer insurance services through the network, while allowing the electronic signature of documents.

CKC is a module that allows you to store digital certificates safely, to authorize their use in equipment to different users, processes and web pages, centrally and with traceability in the operations.


Web application for the definition and execution of electronic signatures workflows, such as:
-Management of users and positions
-Definition of predefined flows of document approvals
-Responsive design
-Integrated with CKC system for remote signature
Electronic signature compatible with mobile devices
-Signing of multiple documents in a single operation


Technology to identify people, based in the following properties that recognize who makes the signature:

-Contact position
-Movement speed and acceleration
-Pressure and tilt applied in the pen

All this allows to verify the identity of a person, with greater accuracy and safety, while avoiding the exchange of documents on paper.


Ivsign and Azure offer digital signature

Ivsign and Azure join forces to offer digital signature in the cloud with Microsoft infrastructure

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IvSign, the digital signature and key centralization platform developed by Ivnosys, has join forces with Microsoft Azure to introduced the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model to companies that require…

Ivnosys acquires bdoc6

Ivnosys acquires Bdoc6 and confirms the commitment for paperless and digital certificates

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Ivnosys Soluciones continues its strategic growth with the recent acquisition of Bdoc6, a leading company in document management, signature and electronic evidence.

Unveiling IvSign for Microsoft Office 365: Digital Signatures in the Cloud

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Ivnosys adds an innovative add-in to your productivity software that centralizes all digital certificates in the cloud. Sign electronically to shield your documentation anywhere and at any time, and from…

Sagunt uses Agente SC to improve the relations between citizens and Public Administrations

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Some weeks ago,  Valencian town Sagunt started to use the Interoperability platform between Public Administrations, Agente Sc.  This advance will improve the relations between citizens, companies and Public Administrations.